David M. Maldonado

For most of the last decade, I was an attorney with a Missoula firm. I left the firm and established Maldonado Law, PLLC, in 2019. My goal was to provide quality and thorough representation throughout Montana. I have incorporated sophisticated management systems utilizing cloud-based technology and maintain trained and competent staff that can efficiently run daily operations, so I focus on what matters to you: Your case.

David M. Maldonado is the founder and owner of Maldonado Law, PLLC. He was born and raised in Billings, Montana. Upon graduating from West High in 1999, he served in the Military. This service included tours in Kosovo and Iraq, from which, he was awarded the Bronze Star. David has a B.A. from MSU-B, magna cum laude and a J.D. from ONU, with distinction. He distinguished himself in law school by graduating in the top ten of his class, managing the law review, and was a member of the moot court team. These distinctions allowed him to be an Honors Intern with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington D.C. In 2011, David returned home to Montana and was admitted to the bar that year. David started off his career as a public defender before going into private practice and joining a law firm in Missoula.

David has appeared and represented clients in a majority of the courts throughout Montana. He has significant experience in the area of criminal law. This includes numerous jury trials, multiple appeals to the Montana Supreme Court, Sentence Review before a three judge panel, and has litigated multiple issues resulting in dismissals or reduced charges for his clients. On multiple occasions, he has been able to successfully petition courts to expunge prior criminal convictions and thereby offering his clients a clean slate. David also has significant experience in petitioning courts for various types of writs. Specifically, Petitioned courts for a Writ of Habeas Corpus and co-authored a Petition to the United States Supreme for Writ of Certiorari.

David has successfully settled wrongful incarceration claims against government subdivisions, represented clients who sustained injuries as the result of a car crash, and handled dissolution of marriages with estates valued in excess of ten million dollars.

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